Laundry was always fun.
We just made it easier.

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How It Works

Use Plain Silver to pay for laundry.

  • Transactions in seconds
  • No coins required
  • Accepts just about any
    credit or debit card
  • Ready when you are
  • Credit never expires

Where and When

The Plain Silver app is available for iOS and Android.

It works on any machine with a Plain Silver logo. Visiting a friend or
moving to a new place? Your credit can come with you.

Plain Silver uses a version of bluetooth called Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE.

  • BLE allows the user’s phone to recognize and connect
    to nearby machines without pairing.
  • It also means that no cellular signal is needed to pay for laundry.
    That’s especially helpful if your laundry room is tucked in a basement.

Security and Privacy

The safety of our users is a solemn responsibility. Plain Silver was engineered to ensure that the identity and location of our users would never be exposed.

Our policy is not a question of profit or opportunity or legality. It’s a question of decency. We want to sleep well at night.

Privacy protection

When a user pays with Plain Silver, we pass the money along to our partners. We do not provide information about user identity or reports on individual user patterns or trends. We do not participate in the sharing or brokering of any data about our users.

This policy is universal; there are no exceptions.

Industry-leading security

Plain Silver meets and exceeds all regulations for the handling of personal financial data in the jurisdictions in which it is available.

In addition, we have 5 exclusive patent-pending security and authorization technologies; powerful and exciting new tools harmonizing behind the scenes for a placid user experience.


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